Hi Be Mine friends! I hope all is well and that you're chugging right along on your sweater. At this point, you've managed to cast off the body stitches and are ready to knit your right sleeve. We noticed one teeny error on the pattern in the right sleeve section - the decreases should be repeated 7 times, just like you did on the right sleeve. So repeat rows 1-6 seven times to achieve 23 stitches at the end of those 7 repeats. Here is a link to a completely correct and updated pattern. My huge apologies for this error - lesson learned, we need one more set of expert eyes on our patterns before releasing them. So sorry! 


Ok diving into the pattern! There is one stitch that you'll need to know how to do on the right sleeve that I haven't shown you yet. This is the SSP or slip, slip, purl stitch. Watch this video to see how it's done. 

Other than that stitch, you should be all set to conquer your right sleeve and FINISH your sweater this week!!! The rest of the stitches are all done and you should be good to rock on. We'll meet back here next week to talk about blocking and seaming. I have my own funny method of blocking chunky yarns that I think is the best way :)

As always, holler if you need help with anything at all! And please, PLEASE (!!!) share your work in our FB group, Ravelry group or on instagram with #knitcollageKAL.

Have a wonderful week! Amy