Is it me or is Barbie just EVERYWHERE?! I love seeing all the Barbie inspired projects all over Instagram and thought it would be fun to share a few hot pink ideas of our own. I love a neon moment of ANY KIND! These four are my faves. If you've seen the movie, let know in the comments below, what you wore and how was it? Do I need to go?!

Shown above starting in the left hand top corner and moving clockwise:

The Plaid Party Cardi Kit or Plaid Party Cardi Pattern (or just the tutorial video class here)

The Field Trip Hat Pattern 

The Sunbeam Stripe Cardi Kit or Sunbeam Stripe Cardi Pattern

The Buttercup Pullover Sweater Kits (only a few Ally AF Serenity skeins left!) or Buttercup Pullover Pattern

If you need any help navigating these patterns, classes or yarns, feel free to reach out to Amy Mac anytime at or leave a comment below!