Hi there! I can't believe this is the final week. Have you managed to keep up. If there's any way you can finish this week or next, try! I plan to post a big round up blog with photos of everyone's finished pieces and would love to include yours. Ok, this week we get into blocking.


For anyone new to knitting, blocking is the process we use to set the finished knitted piece into the correct measurements by getting it wet. I use it to set curling edges to be flat and to spread open lace patterns. I'm not a big fan of heavy blocking because our yarn is so chunky - it can take a long time to dry AND I like the 'just off the needles' look as opposed to a flat pancake knitted look.

To get started, when you block, you'll need these supplies:

* pins, any type will do. I prefer ones that have a ball head so they don't get lost in my knitwear.

* a spray bottle full of water or a cup of water

* blocking mats, I used these. A towel also works great!

Here is a video explaining my simple, no fail technique for bulky yarns.

 So easy right?! The most important part of the shawl to block is the outer curved lace edge. That will curl up and we want to spread out the lace portion so that it really pops and creates a beautiful contrast to our cast away stripes above. Below is a photo of what my shawl looked like on my blocking boards.

So fun! As always, contact me if you need any further help. I'm so excited to see these come to life!