Since last fall, we've been collaborating with Spratters and Jayne, a company that specializes in gorgeous handknit accessories. For their fall 2013 collection, our Pixie Dust yarn is featured in three of their designs. Not only did we spin the yarn for them, the ladies we employ also knit up the accessories. It was our first attempt at making finished goods from our yarns.  All in all, a very challenging, rewarding and exciting opportunity for Knit Collage.  I love their company's philosophy of working "with cooperatives around the world where fiber arts are a long standing tradition." What could be a more perfect fit with our own mission. I also love this description from their site: "Spratters & Jayne uses only artisan owned companies to produce our designs -ensuring that positive change doesn't end with the way you feel when you wear one of our pieces. Each item is handcrafted individually for us, to exacting standards, using traditional techniques to produce 21st century designs." Take a look at her designs below and be sure to visit their site where you can purchase your own unique design!