Trammel & I just returned to Boston from a warm and sunny trip to California! We had so much fun at the The National Needlearts Tradeshow catching up with old friends and of course showing off all of our newest yarns and patterns. The weather was a welcome break from our New England winter but that said, it's nice to be home with all the snowfall from Nemo still here. Here are some pics of our booth and Trammel & I with our knitting friends.


Mini dresses in Pixie Dust!


These patterns coming soon!


My favorite kitty hat.


With Nadine of Be Sweet Yarns! 


Talking yarns, patterns and other awesome stuff with Fab Judy, Army of Knitters & Be Sweet.


All of our new yarns.


Getting silly with Tricky of Tricky Knits!


We spent a few days in San Fran after the show. It's got to be one of my most favorite cities. We had a blast!