Finally, some patterns in our newest Daisy Chain yarn! This scrumptious handspun yarn is a combination of many wool colors hand carded together and spun with mini daisies, tea-dyed lace and strips of Indian block printed fabrics. Each colorway is different from the others with it's own matching fabric & color accents. The finished yarn looks like a long daisy garland you may be inspired to crochet into a crown or knit up into a cozy oversized sweater. The 2 patterns we are releasing today are simple and quick knits. They are the Daisy Chain Earflap Hat by Danielle Shields and and a Bandana Cowl pattern by Susan Sheby. Both of these patterns are FREE and use 2 skeins of Daisy Chain each. Added bonus- they will only take you a few nights or max 1 week to knit up! The earflap hat is available here and the bandana cowl is available here. Both of these are sure to keep you warm & cozy until this winter weather lets up.