I am extremely thrilled to release our very first leg warmer pattern today! These perfect leg warmers, designed by Cheryl Kubat, are adorable in our Daisy Chain yarn. This yarn is slightly less bulky than our other handspun yarns (a size 8 through 11 needle works well). The lighter weight helps make these leg warmers less bulky when worn. They would also be so perfect for this weird in between spring and winter weather we’re having right now in Boston!


In this pattern, we give you 2 options- a 2 skein leg warmer pattern and a 3 skein leg warmer pattern. The 3 skein leg warmer option has a stirrup heel detail and is longer - 19” in total length from heel edge, so great for scrunching! The 2 skein leg warmer option has no stirrup heel detail and is shorter- 13” in length.  Take a peek at our samples below. The pattern is available on Ravelry for $3 here. Our samples are in colors Grasshopper & Sweet Papaya.


Both of the above pics are by Meg Manion Photography.