As we kick off the holiday season, I thought today would be an ideal time to revisit the Pixie Dust ornaments I made last year on the blog.  Making them is so simple and easy. This is the PERFECT gift for a holiday party hostess. They work really well with our Pixie Dust yarn. I used 2 colors, Aqua Frost & Snowflake, striped together at different intervals. Of course this would work with any of our yarns and is a great idea for little left over snippets. Here's how to make your own! 

For smaller ornaments for your Christmas tree I'd recommend tinier styrofoam balls- 2"-3" in diameter. Here's what you will need: Styrofoam balls (from Micheal's or any craft store), straight pins & Pixie Dust yarn (or any bulky yarn).

Start off by pinning the yarn into the styrofoam ball.  Wrap the yarn around in a spiral shape, pinning as necessary to keep the yarn securely in place.


This does take a lot of pins! Continue to wrap your yarn around your styrofoam ball as shown below. Wrap your yarn all the way around the ball until there is no white styrofoam showing!  Below, is an example of how my larger styrofoam ball looked as I covered it with yarn. This one is 12" in diameter.

And voila!  Add a yarn loop at the top by pinning the yarn look in place. You may need a longer or sturdier pin for this part to keep the yarn loop pinned tightly to the styrofoam.  Happy Christmas Crafting!