The Snuggled Up Tassel Blanket Pattern is sure to add a beautiful touch to your home.  In this pattern, we use a simple stitch that highlights the unique and varied textures and colors of our yarns. Loosely knit on size 50 needles, your blanket will be a drapey and cozy - think the opposite of stiff and board-like. 


We offer 2 versions of this in the pattern you receive. The first blanket is knit holding 1 strand of our Pixie Dust yarn together with one strand of our Sister yarn. We used contrasting colors to achieve a tonal marled look shown here. In the second version, we use our Sister yarn only and hold 2 strands together.


In both versions, the tassels make the blanket. Do not skip adding these for an extra element of texture and fun!


All of the pattern, yarn and colorway details can be found right here. As always if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at

Version 2 of the blanket is shown on top in the above pic and Version 1 is shown below. 

Version 2 shown in the above pic.

Version 1 shown in the above pic.

Version 1 shown above.

Version 2 shown above.

Version 1 shown above.

Version 1 shown on top and version 2 shown on the bottom in pic above