Monday night I returned from an amazing time in Columbus for the TNNA yarn tradeshow. It was SO much fun and SO exhausting! I was lucky enough to have our pattern designer Susan Sheby with me this time. She was a huge help.  The new yarns were received well- especially the new Wildflower Drifter yarn.  I continue to be surprised at how well our Cast Away does- by far our best seller right now! I think it appeals to that a more natural girl as well as more sparkle loving girls too.  We scooped up orders from a slew of new yarn shops across the country. Here are some pics from the epic weekend. 

Hannah picking out all her yarns!

With Finch Sewing Studio in Virginia.

Kersti from Koigu yarns wrapping herself up in Pixie Dust!

Allison from Love Knitting in her Knit Collage cowl. Where is mine?!