I think my recent weaving obsession began when I came across Maryanne Moodie's insanely beautiful weavings on pinterest. These are seriously gorgeous, sort of reminiscent of seventies macrame wall hangings but with a modern art twist. They have me dying to learn how to weave!  Some of our friends at the Little Knittery in Los Angeles have tried their hand at weaving with our yarns and the end result is pure gorgeousness. Take a peek below. In the last set of pics you'll see my own little piece that is actually not woven but knitted in a fringe loop stitch. Yup, I really need to learn to weave. 

Mona used bits and bobs of all of our yarns to create her woven piece.


An instagram from Maryanne Moodie- can you spot our Cast Away and Pixie Dust yarns?