Next week, we officially open up our 2024 Winter Solstice Kits for pre-orders. Unsure about what a Winter Solstice Kit is? Think of it as a yarn countdown calendar where each yarn is wrapped up as a surprise present to the opener! It is a limited edition, artfully handspun, creative fiber treat created to bring a little extra joy into your life or into the life of someone that you care about. Check out the short video below for more details. 

A few weeks ago I worked diligently alongside our India based team to come up with three different color combinations, Iridescent Star, Nebula / Galaxy and Rhinebeck Weekend. This year we have two options - you can either order the mini skein version, like we've done before, or the full skein version - it's your choice! In the mini skein version you'll get 12 mini skeins in it. Each mini skein will be 17 yards. In the full skein version, you'll get 12 full skeins. Each skein will be approximately 35 yards.


Each Winter Solstice Calendar will come with 12 handspun yarns that are completely unique, never been made before / never to be made again designs. Each Winter Solstice Kit will be thoughtfully wrapped in beautiful custom wrapping paper and numbered so you know which yarn present to open first and so on. I'm going to be a little secretive about details but here is what I will say....


Each of the three colorways was designed to be a circular gradient. This means that each yarn color flows perfectly into the yarn before it and the yarn after it. I used math (!!!!) to create fiber recipes for each colorway so that they seamlessly blend into each other. For example, skein #1 will blend perfectly into skein #2 AND skein #12. Skein #6 will blend perfectly into skein #5 and skein #7. They all work together as a capsule collection. If you arranged them in a circle, they'd all flow together. As I was working in India, it dawned on me that a full skein option would be completely next level amazing because these would make an incredible larger project like an oversized sweater or blanket. 


Each 12 mini skein or full skein kit is comprised of 6 skeins (mini or full) in a yarn we currently run (but all new colors) and 6 skeins (mini or full) in a yarn we do not currently run (all new colors but I can say no more because it's a secret!).


Each colorway of each yarn is a never before produced yarn that will never be produced again. These are super special and available only by pre-order for one week. We have a certain capacity we can make in order to get the yarn here in time, if we hit that early then we may not leave ordering open for the entire week.


We've created mood boards to represent each colorway to give you a feeling of what magical yarn assortments each calendar may hold. Check them out at the links below! There are some clues in these mood boards but that's all I can say!


Mood board for the Iridescent Star Kit

Mood board for the Nebula / Galaxy Kit

Mood board for the Rhinebeck Weekend Kit


When you order a kit (either mini skein or full skein), you'll get a free knitting pattern to work with one mini skein version of the Winter Solstice kit. That pattern will be available on December 1. You'll also get access to a challenge knitalong experience that we'll run in early January.  In this challenge and as a Winter Solstice Kit buyer, you'll get a class on how to knit this pattern from start to finish, live coaching zoom calls with myself and our coaches and of course the community to cheer you on. We did this last year and it was a complete BLAST and such a fun way to begin the new year and jumpstart our knitting practice. The pattern will be something to go around your neck but that's all I can say....!


Yarn details:

Suggested needle size US 17 / 12.00mm


Pricing details:

Winter Solstice Kit - Mini Skein Version (17 yards per mini skein): $248

Winter Solstice Kit - Full skein Version (35 yard per skein): $488


Pre-orders being on June 5th at 10am ET and will be live for one week only. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or feel free to reach out to Amy at anytime.