A few months ago, I came across the insanely beautiful Stranded Cowl pattern by Julie Weisenberger of Coco Knits.  After talking at the last tradeshow, Julie and I thought our Cast Away yarn would work for the stranded yarn the pattern calls for and oh it did! The cowl is so pretty!  In addition to the Cast Away yarn, our Sister yarn or Wildflower would also look so pretty. We will be trying those too!


Susan, our resident pattern designer, knit the cowl sample for us. Here are some of her notes. It's a bit of a tricky pattern, but a super fun end result! I used one skein of Malabrigo Worsted, and one skein of Cast Away split in half and held double. One thing I will say, though, is CHECK YOUR TENSION, because the Castaway doesn't stretch with this pattern due to its nubby nature, so what you make is what you'll get.  [I actually measured out 31 inches of the Cast Away per round and marked it with a safety pin to make sure I was consistent.  That might have been a little bit of overkill, but it worked, and gave me a cowl that measured 28 inches in the end.]  The video I found most helpful, to help with the technique and getting good tension, was this youtube video that Julie shared on Ravelry too.