2014 was one crazy year here at Knit Collage. Since the arrival of my son last June, it feels like I've been treading water- just making sure the bare minimum gets done to keep the business going. I've had a hard time finding a balance- I thought it would be so much easier to work with him around (what was I smoking?!). Finally we have an awesome nanny who started this week and I'm beginning to feel somewhat like my former productive self- we'll see! I want to take a minute to reflect on what an awesome year it has been, baby craziness aside. Some great things happened. See my favorites below!


1. We started our very first accessory line. I learned a ton from this experience- getting it all done in a whirlwind and shipping in the nick of time to meet our deliveries. There were a few seriously exhausting weeks this past Septemeber. I remember one week when I knit about 10 sets of mittens in a day and my hands just KILLED. I have so far to go and so much more work to do on this front before I'll be happy- delegating knitting definitely tops this list.

A favorite of mine- the marled cowl in Charcoal.


2. This year we released a new yarn called Swirl which has been a big hit for us. We can't keep the colorway Day Dreamer in stock- yippee! I'm very excited to release 4 new happy colorways of this yarn in 2015.

Color Day Dreamer shown here.


3. Last but not least, we had a few knitting patterns that were big hits this year. Your favorites were the Stevie Fingerless Gloves, The Swirly Shawl, The Dash Poncho and last but definitely not least, the Hoodie Cowl. The Hoodie Cowl is still our best selling pattern EVER! I know it's not new to 2014 but it's always worth mentioning...

The Stevie Mitts by Danielle Shields.

The Swirly Shawl by Margaux Hufnagel.

The Dash Poncho by Cheryl Kubat.

The ever popular Hoodie Cowl pattern by Susan Sheby.

What a year! Thanks for supporting Knit Collage.

Lots of love & big hugs, Amy