On Thursday, we leave freezing Boston for the warmer weather of California and the bi-annual TNNA show.  We've been hard at work over the holidays getting samples, booth props and new yarns ready for it. We're excited to release two new yarns, Swirl & Wildflower, and a new color of Sister yarn, Charcoal. All of these will be available to purchase in mid February.


Swirl yarn is a mixture of vibrant colors, earthy neutrals and shimmering sparkles that are all hand carded together. Swirl is made from non-museled merino wool from Australia and the tiniest bit of sparkly Angelina fibers that are made from polyester in the US.  After carding, the fibers are handspun into a super soft thick and think yarn.  Swirl is similar in yarn size to our Daisy Chain yarn and can be used in all patterns that call for that yarn. It's thinner than most of our other yarns, making it ideal for cozy winter sweaters that aren't too bulky. 

Above is a shawl pattern by designer Margaux Pena of Ten Ten Knits that we'll release in Feb too!


Wildflower, along with Swirl yarn, is our newest Spring 2014 yarn addition.  This yarn is handspun from strips of lightweight cotton voile fabric. The fabrics are all block printed by hand in an area of Jaipur, India that is famous for this fabric. By supporting these age-old Indian printing practices, we hope to keep this craft thriving. Wildflower is a soft cotton yarn that has beautiful stitch definition. Patterns for this yarn coming soon!