Happy New Year! 2013 has been an awesome year here at Knit Collage, full of new patterns, yarns and important business developments. Last June, after a ton of work, we launched this brand spanking new website! Finally it feels like who we are and what we do is embodied by our site. I also took a 3 week trip to India and got to spend lots of time with the spinners who create our yarns. Inspiring and motiving to say the least!


In 2013, we released 3 new yarns, Cast Away (my personal favorite!), Daisy Chain and Maharani Silk as well as 4 new colors of Sister yarn. This brings the total number of yarn collections that we sell to 10 and the number of colorways to 88. When I started this company 4 years ago with only our Gypsy Garden yarn, I don't think I ever could have imagined how far we'd come. And if you were wondering, it's no easy feat keeping track of all 88 of these! 


Along with releasing new yarns, we started a beautiful collaboration with lucky yarns. They are a German based company that distributes our yarns to Europe where expensive taxes and shipping costs make it difficult for shops there to buy our products from the states. Finally, we are able to reach more stores across Europe in a much easier way!


In addition to all the new yarns, we released a whopping 25 new patterns in 2013, our most ever. It's been such a joy to work with our 4 awesome pattern designers, Cheryl Kubat, Susan Sheby, Danielle Sheilds and Tori Kendrew! I honestly don't know what we'd do without them. Check out our top 5 selling patterns of 2013 below.


2013 was wonderful but mostly, I'm just pumped for 2014. We have 2 new yarns to introduce you to this January. Based on your Instagram feedback, these are already well liked! We also plan to launch our first line of finished goods and accessories, all hand knit from our yarns later this year. This is an exciting step for us and means that all of those non-knitters out there will be able to get their hands on our goods! Lastly, and definitely most excitingly, my hubby and I are expecting a baby this June.  There are no words to express how happy we are :)

The Hoodie Cowl is the pattern that just doesn't stop! It was also the top pattern download of 2012. This one has 337 likes on Ravelry- wowzers!

The Sharmila Turban hat pattern was also a winner. It works well with our Daisy Chain, Gypsy Garden or Rolling Stone yarns.

The Little Martha Shawlette also made the list. Makes me happy that a more springy pattern made the cut this year!

The Dash Scarf pattern, that combines our Sister & Pixie Dust yarns, was another big hit.

Last but not least, the Wavy Feather Scarf in our Cast Away yarn was a favorite too. 

Happy New Year from Trammel & I!

And all of our team in India!