Today on the show I have Tina Tse, she is a creative pattern designer who designs in her free time and works in the knitting machine world. I love this episode for a bunch of reasons – she touches on explains what it’s like to juggle her side/night time business of designing new patterns and also cultivating community on Instagram. Her joy for everything she is doing will leave you wanting to knit every single one of her patterns. I have my heart set on her Home Sweet Home Sweater!

I hope you enjoyed this one friends. It was refreshing to highlight a designer who is doing her pattern work at night and on the weekends. I also left the conversation feeling really inspired by the way she's made connections on instagram and use this platform in particular to broadcast what she cares about. Find links to Tina's work below as well as the podcasts she recommends!

Tina's patterns on Ravelry 

Tina Tse on Instagram

Podcasts she recommends: Asian, Not Asian and Dax Shephard's Armchair Expert