Today on the show I have Lavanya Patricella. She is teacher and knitting pattern designer with a flair for all things brioche and colorful. I've admired her work from afar for so long, especially because she mixes in some bulky yarns and that beginner brioche cowl is the perfect gate way drug into brioche! I'm excited for you to hear about how she ended up becoming a knit pattern designer and teacher and her other hobbies - like raising butterflies and dancing while she knits, of course!

How much do you love Lavanya?! I just adore her happy energy. The way she mixes fun and authenticity into her work is simply the best, and so contagious. Let's all take her lead and add a little more fun into our daily knitting! Find out more about her work at the links below:

Lavanya's Website

Lavanya on Instagram

Lavanya on Ravelry