Today on the show I have Carter Seibels, the founder of Woman Shops World– a shop that is chock full of the most amazing tassels, beads, pom poms and so much more. She and her husband evolved their business from a wholesale bead business that languished as small bead shops started closing, into an etsy shop with a jaw dropping number of sales. The way it all evolved and blossomed is so inspiring. Let’s dive into how she made that happen.

Alrighty friends, please head over to Carter's page to learn more about her and her business. Yes, I do want ALL THE THINGS in her shop, ha!

Links below to everything she mentioned - podcasts & books too!

Woman Shops World Etsy Shop

Woman Shops World on Instagram

Book she recommended: When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodrin (side note, I adore the book How to Meditate by her - not at all just about meditation)

Podcasts she recommends: Happier by Gretchen Rubin, Optimal Living Daily and Optimal Business Daily

Thanks so much for tuning in!