Today on the show I have Margaux Hugnagel of 1010 Studio. Margaux is not afraid to try new things and has mastered so many different creative art forms – from knitting to calligraphy and more! We get into a lot of different topics here - her huge appetite to learn new things, the role sports played in her life, living through the rare disease diagnosis of her son and of course how she embraces failure.Β It’s jam packed, lets dive in!

Alrighty guys! I hope you enjoyed this episode. I love how Margaux has combined all of the things she loves to do into the work she puts out there. It's so Margaux! I love that, of course, and it reminds me of one of my favorite youtube videos of all time - the art of being yourself. Watch it now if you haven't yet! Follow the links below to learn more about Margaux and to support her work.

1010 Studio Website

1010 Studio on Instagram

Her Etsy Shop

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