Today on the show I have Beth Anne Schwamberger, the founder behind Brilliant Business Moms. She has helped so many moms start and grow their own business – that it’s no surprise, she lets us in on some of her favorite business tips today. That said, my most favorite part of the interview is when she tells us about her favorite way to start her morning – it’s so good and unexpected! Let's dive in.

I hope you enjoyed this one. I love the idea she brought up a few times regarding finding inspiration in other places than your niche- it ties into burn out for me as well – when we work so hard and go, go, go on one specific thing for so long, somehow the inspiration can dry up. Taking the time to step back, have those slower seasons and find inspiration in unlikely places, might be the best thing for our businesses. Thank you for the guidance Beth Anne! I encourage you to check out Beth Anne's work at the links below as well as the podcasts she recommends. I'm eyeing a few of her courses!

Brilliant Business Mom Website

Brilliant Life Shop

Beth Anne on Instagram ~ @brilliantbizmom

The Brilliant Business Moms Podcast

Other podcasts she recommends: How I Built This, Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy, Pat Flynn's Smart, Passive Income, The Art of Paid Traffic, Revisionist History, Heavy Weight