Today on the show I have Meghan Shimek. She is a fiber artist who creates large scale woven pieces using primarily roving. They are a little hard to describe -full of movement and texture. I think most of us that are familiar with her work remember the first time we saw one of her pieces because undoubtedly it stops you right in your tracks! There’s a lot that I hope will resonate with you here. She talks about how weaving throughout a dark time in her life, full of sadness, got her back to herself and discovering her voice. Powerful Stuff! 

I’m going to repeat and quote something that Meghan said that is still ringing in my ears. "When you feel so empty inside – and you can create something in the outside world, it makes you feel like you’re getting parts of yourself back." It’s so good – let’s remember our art and creativity is there for us when we need it – in whatever form that takes. Find out more about Meghan at the links below:

Meghan's Website

Meghan on Instagram

Podcast she recommends: My Dad wrote a Porno and anything by Amy Poehler.