Today is a very dear to my heart episode. I have Jan Pethick, my high school art teacher, with me for this one. He taught sculpture and so much more at the Baldwin School, an all girls school, in Bryn Mawr, PA for 38 years. In a vigorous academic setting, he let us pursue our creative interests, whatever those might be, for me it was sewing. There were always lots of laughs mixed in with the hard work to took to complete our projects. Chatting with him now, so much later, it’s the laughs and the fun I remember, the way he believed in us to trust our own interests and his huge love of learning that stick with me.  What a legacy to impart on so many young women. I can’t wait for you to hear this far ranging and very funny chat with Jan Pethick.

I hope you enjoyed this one, it was such a treat for me to catch up with Mr. Pethick! If there’s one takeaway that stands out to me – it’s the intersection of fun + your interest + working hard to perfect it. That can be applied to so many things, how I want to raise my kids- how I want to encourage them to follow their passions and also how I run my business. Let’s not take it ALL SO seriously all the time. Spontaneous water gun flight anyone?! I’m forever grateful. Thank you Mr Pethick for taking the time to spend time with me and remind me how lucky I was to have you as a teacher for 4 formative years of my life. Photos of Mr. Pethick and some of his artwork in his Little Compton, Rhode Island home below.

Yes, his home is just perfect. It's filled with so much art and found natural objects too!