Today on the show I have Elizabeth Duvivier. She has many hats that she wears- from writer to teacher, teenage whisperer and of course she is founder of Squam, the beloved art retreat that happens twice a year on Squam Lake in NH. She’s recently relinquished her role there and we get into this decision and many more of the fascinating jumps she’s taken in her life. From sacred mornings to owning her own happiness, we cover so much to inspire you. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode friends! I loved it so much, I listened to it twice and took more notes the second time. I adore what Elizabeth said about owning your own happiness. Those few words have been playing in my head since we spoke a few weeks ago. How can you own your happiness more? For me, it comes down to giving up the notion that I need to sacrifice something about myself to make others happy. That is no good for anyone, my boys, my business and of course myself. I encourage you to really think about it. Here are links to everything we mentioned in the show as well.

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