Today on the show I have Lizz Wasserman, she and I started off at Urban together, she later formed her own sustainable clothing company, closed that and has now landed at Mod Cloth in LA where she is the VP of design. I think you’ll love hearing about how her faith and confidence in her own worth helped her hold out for this dream job. Let’s dive in.

Alrighty friends! I’m back and I so hope you enjoyed this episode. There are 2 things I want to just highlight from this episode that I’m still thinking about and that is when we were talking about burnout and she said, there’s no way you and I would be happy with a job we left at the door each night. That really got me and is so true. The move has had me feeling a little run down and this helped me refrain some of the overwhelm I’ve been feeling.


I love hearing about the faith and confidence Lizz has in herself – to not discount the work she did at smaller companies and for her own line – to get by and make things work until she finaly did get that job she was so excited about. I am hoping some of that determination rubbed off on me and you too! Find out more about Lizz on instagram here and check out all the vintage inspired goodness that is Modcloth here