Today on the show, I have fiber artist Lauren Williams. I love how I found out about her and everything about this conversation. She went from staring at that first blank wall that inspired her art, to creating 50+ pieces a week. It’s an incredible story that left me wanting to listen to the conversation all over again right after we finished. 

Alrightly guys I hope you enjoyed the episode.  I love that I went into this episode not knowing much about Lauren’s story. How inspiring. The thing that struck me the most as I relistened was her the theme of letting go, growing organically and asking for help when she needed it. I was super inspired by the way she delegates so many aspects of her work as well – great lesson for all the small biz makers – they allow her to create so much more. Find out more about Lauren's art and business at the links below:

Lauren Williams Art Website

Her Instagram

The podcast she recommends - History Chics