Hey there! Welcome to episode 48 of the Collage Creative Podcast, hosted by myself Amy Small.  Today on the show I have Lindsey Campbell, of Hello Hydrangea, she’s a weaver, designer and teacher. You’re going to love her advice on throwing out your to do list! Let’s dive in.

Hi friends I’m back and I hope you enjoyed this episode. It was so fun getting to hear Lindsay’s story. I’m so amazed at the past 2 women who have been able to run their businesses with their kids, crazy awesome.


I, of course, freaking loved her advice to throw your to do list out and I made it pretty clear during the show but I encourage you to really try this – just set that one major priority and let the rest fall away. I am the queen of the to do list with 500 things, so this was awesome to hear. Lastly, her advice, to keep experimenting until you find your own design voice, so good and she said it so eloquently! Here are the podcasts she recommended as well as links to her book, site and Instagram account.

Hello Hydrangea

Hello Hydrangea Instagram

Welcome to Weaving Book

Podcast she recommends: How I built this, The Goal Digger, Life Coach