Hey there! Welcome to episode 47 of the Collage Creative Podcast, hosted by myself Amy Small. This podcast is a weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the stories, motivations and practices of women and men who are living life on their own terms through work they love. Today on the show I have Abby Glassenberg, she is a sewer, blogger, an author and so much more – we get in to all of it! Her story is an inspring one –from sqeezing in blogging while her daughter napped to creating a business she loves to work on. 

I loved talking to abby because she just seems to truly have it all together! She really inspired me in the way she manages her time around her kids schedule! It was fascinating to hear how she squeezes in her runs into her busy schedule. I am truly in awe of how she does so much and is still with her kids.  Her advice about small business and following your curiosity right at the end were powerful, especially as I listened to our conversation a second time. Find links to all of Abby's endeavors below as well as the podcast she recommended. 

While She Naps Blog (more info on her books here too!)

While She Naps Podcast

Craft Industry Alliance

The podcast she recommended is Recode Decode by Kara Swisher

Thank you so much for tuning in!