Today on the show I have Rae Hoekstra, the sewing designer of Made By Rae. She and I first connected at Squam last fall and I’ve been basically stalking her incredibly pretty sewing patterns ever since. This is a fantastic episode for the moms out there – she talks about what her work time, away from the kids means to her and how it helps her be the best parent. Then she dives into the wonderful example that her parents set for her with their attitude if you see something you’d like, make it yourself. Let’s dive in!

Alright friends, I’m back and I hope you enjoyed this episode! My favorite part about this episode was when she went into how her work and time for herself makes her better as a mom. I know that not everyone needs this time for themselves, I have plenty of friends who don’t, but I can certainly relate to needing time away to do my own thing to be the best parent. Even on vacation I felt like I needed a little time for me! It was wonderful here her empowered approach to her business. I also love when she talked about failure- or in her case just disappointing sales of some pattern – she says it’s just data, we use it to learn, don’t get too emotionally attached. We learn, grow and move on. Great words of wisdom – taking that emotional side out and seeing the best from whatever set back it is. Find out more about Rae and the podcasts she recommended at the links below:

Made By Rae Website

Rae's Instagram Account

Podcasts she likes: Being Boss, This American Life, Love to Sew, While She Naps

Lastly, I'm heading out to India today - follow along on my Instagram stories if you are interested in where all the yarn magic happens!