Today on the show I have Erica Cerulo, one of the founders of Of A Kind, an online retailer with a special focus on supporting emerging designers and telling their stories. This is a wonderful episode. Erica’s contagious enthusiasm and thoughtful approach to her business will leave you wanting to find out so much more about Of A Kind! Let’s dive in.

Just a few things to talk about in this one. I love the idea that Erica started out with – of having an approachable business – exclusive because the pieces are limited editions but comfortable and open to anyone. When I think about so many of the businesses I have beef with, they are bureaucratic monstrosities that feel like there are no real people inside them. I love that Of A Kind is the antithesis of that. What a wonderful inspiration for my own business and I hope, yours too!


I also loved her answer to how she copes with hardships. She doesn’t think about problems until they actually happen. What simple, awesome advice. How common is it for all of us to spin our thoughts in 1000 directions worrying about crazy scenarios all day long?! Let it go, worry when that prob happens and not before. Amen and what a good note to end on!


I hope you'll take a minute to learn more about Of A Kind and Erica at the links below. 

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The book she recommended: Quiet by Susan Cain

The podcasts she recommended were: Call your Girlfriend, How I built this, Open Account