Today on the show I have Joji Locatelli – the designer behind countless knitting patterns that so many of us know and love - I know you’ll love hearing her unique story of growing up with one incredible mother to saying goodbye to the medical profession to embrace – KNITTING! Powerful stuff!

Alrighty friends, I’m back and I hope you enjoyed this episode. I just have one thing to weigh in on in this episode – her advice at the end – just do the good work that inspires you and keep going. You don’t need others to open up the doors for you – create the doors yourself. There’s so much that we can learn and teach ourselves today – I think this is what has helped my business the most – although I still feel like I have a ways to go. Joji has such a strong confidence that it sounds like she picked up from her mother - she definitely inspired me to stick with my path, keep going and to not look behind me or at the noise all around me. I hope she did the same for you! Here are links to all the important info about Joji!

Joji Locatelli Website

Ravelry Patterns

Joji's Instagram

Next week I'm going to have a little bonus episode for you that will be all about the upcoming Knitalong - cannot wait! Amy