Today on the show I have Kate Morris, a vegan knitwear designer. She drops some knowledge on us – on what sustainable materials she uses and where to learn more about this. But what I think many of us will relate to is her story of turning her hobby into a career – she went from working at a German pub in London, complete with the authentic lederhosen costume to winning the Redress Design award for her stunning, sustainable knitwear. Prepare to be inspired! 

I hope you enjoyed this episode! One quick take away that I want to underline today – tying a little into Kristy Glass’s episode. I love how Kate described her parents as encouraging her to question the ethics of her decisions. Look at where that has led her. I also ADORE the advice she gives at the end – of picking out what issues are important to you that define your ethos. It doesn’t have to be too many, perhaps just one. Fantastic – it has me thinking all about the research I want to do in India on my next trip. What trash might I be able to turn into something pretty. Here are links to the resources Kate mentioned as well as her own site:

Crop Knitwear

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Eco Chic/Redress Design Award

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