Today on the show I have Kristy Glass. Kristy does a lot, she is best known as a youtuber with a focus on yarn and knitting but she does many things far beyond this – my favorite being the baby wrangler, who knew that was a job?! I also think you’ll enjoy hearing about the wonderful yes attitude her parents embraced and raised her with as a child. Let’s dive in.

Ok friends I’m back! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Kristy. I love her confidence and energy.  Just so much excitement for it all – all the Rhinebeck sweaters, all the pretty yarns, etc. I love how contagious it is to be around. My favorite part of the interview is when she opened up about the YES attitude both her parents and husband embraced throughout her life to support her. The story of how her husband had that baby in business school – kills me. It’s just amazing. Great inspiration to have that same attitude towards the people we love in our lives. It's definitely inspired me to embrace YES a little more with my boys. 


Here are links to all of the Kristy's amazing resources as well as her own contact details:

Kristy's YouTube Channel 

Kristy's Instagram

Craftsy Unlimited

Audible books she recommends: The Unlikey Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Girl on a  Train, Orange is the New Black.

Podcast's she likes: This American Life, Criminal, Harry Potter as a sacred text.

Youtube channels she recommends: Amber the Yarn Hoarder, Grocery Girls Knit, Gemma Darling Daily


That's it for today - thank you so much for tuning in as always! Can't wait to share next week's guest with you.