Hey friends! Today is episode 40, which is nuts because we are 10 away from 52 and that means I’ve been at this for a year. On every 10th episode I like to switch things up and dive into something different on the show – typically something I’ve been thinking about or wrestling with in my own life. Today I want to open up with you about some of the things I’ve been learning about in a deeper way, things I haven’t really shared about on the show before but that are affecting me deeply as well as the new early AM routine I swear by. 

Here are links to a bunch of the resources I spoke about on the show:

Jess Lively Podcast

The Placebo Effect by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe's Guided Meditations - I like these ones: The Generous Present Moment, Blessing the Energy Centers and Tuning into New Potentials. If you're just getting started in meditation, I'd suggest starting with the Headspace app. Dr. Joe's are definitely more advanced!


Thanks for tuning in! Can't wait for next week's guest.