Welcome back to the show! Thank you to everyone who tuned into the first 3 episodes. I have loved every minute of putting this podcast together. I'm not sure where it's headed but it's been a ton of fun and of course a huge inspiration learning from these amazing ladies. Today’s episodes with Sasha Rives are a little different. I decided to break this interview down into 2 parts.  Sasha has done so much in her own right (and still does!) but she also helps run the wholesale side of my business. I thought diving into a little more detail with her would be a fun way of getting to know my team a little more.


In the first part, she tells us about opening her own yarn shop and how she picked herself up and rebuilt after a fire unexpectedly ruined her space. You’ll be surprised to hear what she decides to do with the store in the end. Expect to be wowed by her resilience, determination and most of all her commitment to learning about and knowing herself.

Wow right?! Sasha has done a lot and is one tough cookie. In the next increment of our interview, we’ll dive into the flower garden she’s cultivating just for fun, what she considers her biggest failure and her morning routine I adore and plan on stealing. We did this part in person while we were at the TNNA, a big yarn tradeshow last weekend. After a year and half a part it was a blast getting to catch up again.

I’m so glad you got to meet Sasha in these two episodes. She has done so many things and has a lot to say about her path. The theme that seemed to run throughout her story was an idea that I love – never stop getting to know yourself better. Her biggest failure was waking up and realizing that she was in a job she didn’t like pursuing a masters degree that didn’t ignite her. She let herself be funneled down a path that she knew didn’t sit right in her gut. As a serious type A, the fact that she couldn’t make it to class on time was huge red flag. She finally listened to that feeling and changed course. 


I also love Sasha’s insatiable curiosity about the world. She is always reading, listening and trying new things…all of them help her grow, I think she’s just doing it at rate that puts most of us to shame. Every one of those books is going on my audible wish list.

Here's the whole list:

The Rennaisance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

The Power of When by Michael Breus

Better than Before - Gretchen Rubin

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Podcasts - Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert, Happier with Gretchen Rubin

As promised a few photos of Sasha in her DIY outfits from high school and that insane flower garden she has. Pretty freaking amazing!

Find Sasha online at StitchSpaceYarn.com and on Instagram at @sashadanae