Today on the show I have Jacqui Fink, a fiber artist who makes super large scale knitted art as well a gorgeous yarn called K1S1. It is one of my longer epsiodes but I encourage you to get whatever project youre working on and stick with me to the end. She talks about how her art has healed her, in effect its her mental health plan to having a life changing talk with her mother who was terminally ill that changed the course of her life. Don’t miss her advice to all of us creative folks at the end! Ok let’s dive in.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. I encourage you to go check out Jacqui's work and her gorgeous yarn at the links below:

Little Dandelion - her website

Jacqui Fink Instagram

K1S1 yarn at Purl Soho 

The podcasts she recommended is called Heavy Weight - I can't wait to listen to that one!

Thanks so much for tuning in guys!