Earlier this week, I had the amazing opportunity to connect again with my office mate from years ago, Christina Dean. She is the founder of Redress Hong Kong, a charity with the goal of reducing waste within the fashion industry. She drops a whole lot of knowledge on us about the effects of the fashion world on our environment, that will without a doubt, move you to make different decisions. But what I love about her the most is the incredible determination and love for what she does. It lit a fire under me to stay determined to and match her energy level, especially in the face of challenges, failures, tough kids, you name it - we all have them! I hope it does the same for you. Let's dive in!

Wow right?! She’s incredibly well spoken and I adore her enthusiasm for what she does. Right as we hung up I started thinking, what can I use that’s just discarded to make yarn from?! What other descions can I make within my own business to support the circular ecosystem she spoke of. I hope she ignited this same sentiment within you. I want to encourage you to visit Christina’s site and find out so much for about her charity and her fashion company. Let’s all support this amazing work she’s doing and spread the word! Follow the links below to everything Christina mentioned in the podcast.

Redress- Her NGO focused on reducing textile waste

R Collective - Her Upcycled clothing brand

Redress Design Award - applications now open!

Frontline Fashion Documentary

Thank you so much to everyone for listening. This episode holds a special place in my heart. 










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