Today on the show I have my baby sister Jessie Small Hicks. She shares a story about taking a job that just wasn’t right for her. She was more stressed than she’d ever been and the health reprecussins were serious. From that experience a lot of good has happened, she is better at coping with stress and today, she shares her tools. The best thing to come out of (selfishly!) is of course her working with me at Knit Collage. We get into all of this. So let’s hop to it!

Isn’t Jessie just the best?! I feel lucky to have her on the team now at Knit Collage. If theres only this one thing that you take away from this episode, than I will be happy! And that is that the most important thing we can do is listen to ourselves – to follow those curiously bread crumbs and to tune out what other people/our culture wants our lives to be. The more I embrace all my weirdness, the easier it gets to leave other people's expectations behind and go my own way. It’s freeing, it’s scary but I know deep down I’m on my path, not someone elses and darn that feels GOOD! I'm interested to know what your take is on this episode, so if you feel moved, leave me a comment below!

Here are some of the books and info that Jessie mentioned in this episode:

Books: The Slight Edge, all Brene Brown books, Finding your North Star, Pachinko, 10% Happier, Thrive (Arianna Huffington's book)

Blog: Zen Habits

Podcast: Happier by Gretchen Rubin

If you are up for potentially starting a podcast book club, let m know too. I'd love to do that and get that moving! 

Thanks so much for listening guys, I'll be back next week with another amazing guest. Amy