Today I have Anna Nozaki of Cattywampus Crafts on the show. She’s one inspiring lady and we cover it all - from the WHY of her business and what drives her,  to writing down what you want you life to look like – we get into all that good stuff. Let's dive in.

I loved hearing about Anna and Kirk’s WHY for starting the business. They wanted to give back to the community that they lived in, not just live there and work elsewhere but actually make their mark in a way that was meaningful to them. Their mission of helping people, no matter the age or skill level, find their inner creative spark is such a beautiful one, whatever that might be.


There’s one more thing I want to underline, the idea that Anna puts forth about writing down what you want you life to look like. This is something that Brene Brown also said in her interview with Tim Ferris – she has her students write down what they want their lives to look like in ten years and she says for many of them it happens. Just the act of getting clear about what we want, can lead us to make choices in the right direction of our dreams and goals. Powerful stuff! It truly worked out for her, hey what harm can giving it a try do?! Here are the links on how you can find out more about Cattywampus Crafts and Anna.

Cattywampus Crafts

Cattywampus Instagram

As always, thank you so much for listening! XOXO ~ Amy