Repeat episode - one of my favorites with Paul Goodnight. Perhaps my most favorite? I am not sure. I miss seeing his face every day. 


After 2 weeks off, I’m so happy to be kicking things off again today with a very special episode. Last Thursday during the bomb cycolone snow storm that hit the east coast, I sat down with Paul Goodnight. He's my neighbor but far beyond that, he’s an acclaimed painter, teacher and I learned on Thursday, fantastic story teller. We get into so many things, including how he found art after serving in Vietnam and why doing what you love is the secret to finding your voice. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes so far and I know you'll enjoy it too! Here we go. 

I left this interview feeling incredible grateful for the opportunity to talk to folks like Paul that have so much to share and teach. The stories he told were incredible and his zest and positive approach towards life are contagious. We all need more people like Paul in our lives!


I especially loved when he said: if you dismiss what you love to do – then you’re missing out on what gives you your voice. How beautiful and incredible true is that. His art gave him his voice back after serving in Vietnam. From my experience, my yarn designs gave me a way to express all the things I have going on inside, it taught me what I’m all about and it has given my unique voice, just as this podcast has given me an opportunity to talk about so many of the things I care about. So I think what he’s saying is when you lean into that thing that lights you up, even if it feels like a pie in the sky thing (…oh I think I’ll go pursue art or weird yarn now!) when you put your attention there and develop whatever that interest is- that's actually sets you apart, it makes you you and helps you develop your strong and unique voice, point of view. It’s a beautiful, moving idea that clearly resonated with me!


Find out more about Paul Goodnight on his website here. A few photos of him and his art below and of course the one of us!