Today on the show I have Joceyln Tunney, the owner of O–wool! I love hearing the story behind why her yarn is so darn special as well as the amazing mill mistake that turned into a big win for her company. I think you’ll love this one guys – let’s dive in!

There were many things that I could’ve dug into episode because it is JAM PACKED but what Joceyln said at the end resonated so strongly with me. She says she spent too much time worrying about what other people think or feeling like she can’t do it/make it. How many of us feel this way/have felt this way in our lives. I think probably everyone, myself daily, but what if we could all turn down the volume on these ego driven thoughts just a little, as I said on the podcast. Instead of giving them your full attention, just notice them and instead focus on and do the things that make us happy and inspire us instead. If you can't do that, go take a walk or ride your horse like Jocelyn does.  Much easier said than done but a fantastic take away. It seems to me the more I notice those thoughts, the more I'm able to turn the volume down on them and I hope this is true for you as well. 


That is it for this week! I'm going to take a week off for the holidays and will see you back here in January. Check out photos of Jocelyn's amazing home in the woods of Germantown, right outside Philly and be sure to visit her site right here.

O-Wool Website

O-Wool Instagram

The view from Jocelyns mill home in the woods. She'll soon have sheep here!

The view from Jocelyn's horse.

Jocelyn, her puppy and yarns of course!