Today on the show I have Anna Wallack, the founder of Misha and Puff – beloved baby and kids clothing knitwear line. It’s a really good one guys – my favorite part has to be her take on CLEANING – yup you heard me right and then more seriously, her thoughts on releasing the fear of failure. They’re real good! Let’s dive in.

I’m back and just wanted to take a minute to underscore a few things that Anna said that just resonate with me on such a deep level. I loved her thoughts on failure and hardship – she says, the hardest thing she did was hand off knitting her products to pther knitters in peru. That was incredibly diffiuclt, to have this trust that it would be all be Ok but she took that leap and because of that she was able to free up her time to do other things and work on the business in new areas. She released that fear of failure. She believes this so important to figuring out the next thing. Get that product out there and then see what the reaction is, if it’s a flop, you pivot or if you get some feedback, you update it, whatever it is, let go of that fear. And I think the more you do it, the stronger you get and you’re about to get more comfortable with it.


Find out more about Anna and Misha & Puff on her site here and on instagram here. Thanks so much for tuning in guys!