Today on the show I have Esther Rodgers, the extrodinairy spinner and weaver behind Jazz Turtle creations. She’s a teacher, writer and expert craftswoman. In this episode we dive deep into how her fiber journey began and the incredible battle she’s had this year fighting cancer. It’s a deep one that I hope will make you think differently, let’s dive in!

I want to just underscore this one beautiful thing Esther said, "We focus on what we have and how loudly we can have them as opposed to the memories we make with the people that are important to us." So beautiful on this Thanksgiving day to remember that. Find out all about Esther in the links below as well as a few of the things she mentioned in the show.

Jazz Turtle Creations

Esther's Instagram

Esther's cancer recovery fund

Yoga with Adriene

Namaslay Book

Fail, Fail, Fail Again Book

Thank you so much for tuning in guys ~ happy thanksgiving!