Today on the show I have Courtney Kelley, the founder of Kelbourne Woolens, a yarn distributor and pattern company to mention just a few of the things they do! This podcast episode ended up being very far ranging, we get into a bunch of different things. We get into her self described apalling grades in high school and her mother’s hands off parenting approach that lead the way for her to be one kick butt biz lady now. I think you’re really going to enjoy it, so let’s dive in!

Ok dokey, I’m back, great episode right. This was definitely one of the funnier ones I did. I’m still laughing about cournteys dramatic 8 yr old personality!  There are a few things really stood out that I think are nice to key in on.


The first – I love this idea that she went to art school for painting – that was what she thought she could get into for school – she wasn't sure she'd follow painting forever.  At art school, she found weaving and that was the thing that changed everything for her and ingnited this creativity and love of knitting. It’s funny how life can take those turns and lead us in a zig zag to wear we’re supposed to be. I think the moral is to (if we can!) go with the flow even if the answers aren’t clear yet. Not easy to do as an 18 year old, or even at my age as a 36 yr old but looking back on these last interviews, that is a theme that is running through them. 


The other idea I love is the way her mother parented – laid back, tons of autonomy, if you made mistakes, it wasn’t a big deal, you figured it out and moved on, learned. She says she’d drive her where she wanted to go and was supportive but didn’t push, she wasn’t super involved. I don’t know too many moms like that right now but I think I’m going to do everything in my power to try to embrace that with my boys. I have no doubt this had a huge effect on Courtney!


Find out more about Kelbourne Woolens on their website here and on instagram here. The best way to find out about that new awesome yarn Courtney mentioned in this episode is to sign up for their email list at the bottom of their site homepage. Thanks so much for tuning in!