Today on the show I have Dani McDonald, the founder of Flock, a Boston boutique full of so many beautiful things. I adore the shop and have been a long time fan of Dani. We get into how her business came to be, her love of music and the amazing example her father set for her.

Alrighty I’m back and this was such a fun episode to record! It’s always such a treat to record one in person right in Boston. The main thing that stuck out to me in this interview is this amazing example her father set for her. He encouraged her to start a business through his own example but also (and maybe more importantly) to stay flexible, have fun and create a healthy work life balance. She says his first experience with cancer gave him this new lease on life but the beautiful thing is that Dani and her family members (or us!) did not have to go through that to learn from his example. I love this story so much, it’s such an inspiration. It also ties into the ideas I’ve echoed here a few times – who can do good creative work when stressed, when you’re not taking care of yourself, I certainly can't. Taking those times off, having the balance can recharge us to create better work. I love that Dani has been to over 150 phish shows and toured with them too. She’s really living her Dad’s example, not just listening to music, she’s going out there and experiencing it. It left me feeling inspired to do the same, go experience more things outside of my box, not just sit around and watch TV and knit all the time… ha! If you're in the Boston area, visit her gorgeous shop Flock and follow her on Instagram @flock_boston and personally @flockindani


That's it for today guys! Next's week's episode will come to you from India where I'm headed later today. Follow along on Instagram to see all the fun.