Today on the show I have Laura Zander, the lady behind the online yarn heaven, Jimmy Beans Wool. This is an episode dear to my heart because we talk all about INDIA! We get into all of the normal questions I normally ask on the show but we also dive deep on our upcoming India trip and collaboration. She tells us why this trip means so much to her, what part my business will play in the journey and lastly, how to get involved. Let's dive in!

I hope everyone enjoyed this one – so refreshing to hear someone be so real about all of it, JBW seems like such a huge company – things can never go wrong but right from the start laura tells us about all the crazy real life stuff she’s juggling, that we’re all juggling right?!


I love how she copes with challenges in her life - she reframes them and says, what a cool challenge?! AND when she said life is just one challenge after another – I thought yup, that’s pretty darn true isn’t it. She touches on the book the Surrender Experiment and what that taught her is to ask herself, “what can I control in this moment”. Most of the time, all we can control is how we choose to respond. Do we want to replay that bad event happening over again and again in our heads so it feels fresh every time? Definitely not me.


Ok for the trip to India – I know I mentioned this on the podcast but I’m so excited about it and I hope you’ll think about following along on the trip. Here are the important links to get involved:

Jimmy Beans Wool India Trip Kits/Info

Jimmy Beans Wool Facebook

Jimmy Beans Wool Instagram


A great way to follow along is on my Instragram as well! Thanks so much for tuning in! I leave Nov 9th for India and cannot wait for this trip!