Today is episode #20 which means it’s something a little differnent because that is what I just do every 10th episode around here to spice things up. In this episode I talk about my current struggles/anxieties and how the past 9 interviews (and really all of them) helped me work through those. In the second part of the interview, I hop on a call with my sister who is an online community expert. She drops some knowledge about that on us and at the end we lose it laughing our heads off about her youtube channel. I'd love to know what blocks your creativity? I'm a big believer that creativity is the way we personally (and of course in business) grow and get better. So what blocks this for me is hugely important. What is the enemy of your growth? I'd love to hear. This week's episode has led me to shift my focus away from the things that worry me and towards creativity and growth. I'll let you know how my attempts go at this!

Lastly, here's a little info on my sister, Laura. I hope you enjoyed our short conversation about community. It's so important to find our tribes, don't you think?! Laura works at 7 Cups. Here is a link to her youtube show called Feelings & Football - it's hysterical, watch here. Pics of Laura and Jon, her hilarious boyfriend here.

Collage Creative Podcast

My sister, my husband, Jon (the pats nut on the right) and me at a Pats game last fall.

Collage Creative Podcast Episode 20

Jon showing off all of his Pats championship rings.

Collage Creative Podcast Episode 20

My sisters and I, laughing our heads off about who knows what at my sister Jessie's wedding last summer.