I'm so excited for you to meet Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibers in episode 2. She is someone I've always admired for her beautiful aesthetic and inspiring business that she has grown so quickly. In this conversation, she opens up about how losing her job during the recession jumpstarted her yarn business and how her mother’s strong work ethic shaped her own. We get into her Elizabeth Zimmerman tattoo, her obsessive knitting habits, the magic garden she recently purchased (see pics below!) and how she works with knitting genius Stephen West. Take a listen below or subscribe on iTunes by searching for the Collage Creative podcast.


What struck me so powerfully if that Beata has created her life just how she wants it to be, according to what's important to her and that's it. I LOVE how she doesn’t dwell on failure or loss. She started her business after losing her job – how gutsy is that. She barely even talks about this because for her that was the best thing that could have happened and it was great for all of us that adore her work. I love this idea of being grateful for the tough things that come about in our lives because we never know what will blossom from them. I also loved hearing about her love of Elizabeth Zimmerman and how her words freed Beata’s knitting and really took it to the next level. We could all probably use a little of that! And if you’re wondering what her tattoo says, it says: Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.

Golly I love that, it’s so good! I just hosted a little IG contest where we all shared about why our creativity (and many people Mentioned knitting) was so important to them. A thread that ran through many answers was this idea that it helps us get through hard times, or long days, that it’s the space where we feel closest to our true selves. I get that vibe so deeply from Beata as well.


Lastly, as promised here are a few photos of her magical garden property. How incredible!


Wherever you are right now, I hope Beata’s story resonates and inspires you to follow your path as confidently and independently as she has. Find out more about Beata on her Hedgehog Fibers site and instagram.