Today on the show I have Nancy Queen, the founder and owner of Noble Knits an online knitting shop with a focus on quick and simple knits or as she calls it, no thinking, no fear knits. Nancy was one of the very first shops to pick up our yarns and has been so free with helping me out with guidance along my journey, so I'm thrilled she is here with us today!

Alrightly there you have it. I loved talking to Nancy. She exudes this calm yet determined business approach that I found myself thinking about for long after our conversation. On the one hand, she’s relaxed –she says this is just yarn and how lucky am I that I get to inspire other’s creativity doing what lights me up – and on the other, she takes so much care to keep improving herself and growing – she keeps up with all the changing social media practices and surrounds her self with other women in the industry or in her own mastermind group. I love the way she balances this kick butt biz lady mentality with such a relaxed, positive demeanor. It ties back into that idea that I’ve spoken about before – on my retreat with elizaebth gilbert – she said that she wanted to see more women crushing it in the world, doing their own thing confidently but also RELAXED. I really don’t know many people that are so relaxed and crushing it EXCEPT for Nancy. It’s a huge inspiration for myself and I hope for you too.


One of the podcasters I listen to sometimes in John Lee Dumas of entrepreneur on fire – he always says you’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Nancy also harps on this idea and makes a point to cultivate relationships with people smarter than her and within the industry that may have different persepctives and ideas. It’s a nice reminder to challenge ourselves to keep doing that. In a small way this podcast has been like that – I’ve gotten to connect on a deeper level and learn from the women I am so inspired by. So I guess the point there is, even if you don’t have acess to people that you’d like to have real life conversations, there are so many other ways to learn from them. Podcasts, books, ravlery! etc


Lastly, here are the 5 pieces of advice Nancy has for us all:

1. Be passionate about what you do and do what you love.

2. Be organized.

3. Be adaptable.

4. Work hard.

5. Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and better at their job than you could do.


Alrighty, so that is all for today, I hope you enjoyed this episode! Here are a few photos of Nancy, her amazingly artistic daughter Hadley, and her team at Noble Knits. Please head on over to Noble Knits to find out more about Nancy and to see her gorgeous selection of yarns and patterns! Make sure to follow her on Instagram here too. She just received in a shipment of our cotton yarns - and these are definitely worth checking out on her site as well. She has a great eye, so I love seeing what she picks out as great projects to whip up in our yarns and everyone else's! 

Nancy and her daughter Hadley, budding creative entrepreneur!

Nancy at the TNNA show.

Nancy's team includes a knitting doctor and the best customer service person you'll ever speak to. I love suppling her with our yarns and supporting her business.

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