Today on the show I have the Grocery Girls!!!! Also known as  Tracie Millar and Jodi Brown! If you’re anything like me, you spend time with these ladies on YouTube and Instagram, know a fair amount about them and yet you WANT to know a lot more! That’s where this podcast comes in...and we go deep. We cover their creative stories, how the YouTube channel came to be, what Rhinebeck was like for them, their feelings on authenticity and those people that give the thumbs down. There’s a lot! I cannot wait for you to hear. I just love them both so darn much (I know I say that each episode!!!) and I am hoping that adoption into their family is in the cards for me someday.....ha! Let's dive in.

The Grocery Girls YouTube Channel

Jodi on IG @mrsbrownsbags

Tracie on IG @just_tracie

Podcasts they recommend: 

Armchair Expert, Curious Handmade, Catch & Kill, Unlocking Us, The Great Unlearn, The Next Question, Silence is not an Option